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Implementing a team-based approach to deliver traditional education through the use of innovative teaching practices that enhance the learning experience for students.


By combining their unique skills and expertise, our teams can create dynamic lesson plans, incorporate technology into the classroom, and provide individualized support to students. 

Building Robot Vehicle


Educators can enhance their curriculum and engage students by using pop culture as a teaching tool. By incorporating popular media into their lessons, students can develop digital literacy skills and become critical thinkers. Pop culture can also help students develop transferable life skills beyond the classroom, resulting in a more dynamic and engaging learning experience.


Mathematics and art are interconnected in various ways. By incorporating math into their artistic pursuits, children can develop their creativity and problem-solving skills, leading to a more well-rounded educational experience. Understanding the fundamental principles found in various art forms, such as music, dance, fashion, architecture, and the natural symmetries of the world, can deepen the appreciation of both mathematics and art.


Creative reading requires creativity, originality, and engagement. It involves visualizing characters, making personal connections, evaluating language and literary methods, encouraging thought-provoking questions, and contemplating multiple interpretations. This method enhances comprehension, builds critical thinking skills, and nurtures creativity and empathy.


Our method promotes a strong educator community, supports continuous professional growth, and enables traditional education to evolve and adapt to the needs of modern learners in a rapidly changing world.

Reading in a Bookstore

1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning how to read.

Become an Educational Partner


Invest in the future of our students by joining our Teaching Artist Residency and Creative Reading program.


Your participation can impact a child's education and personal growth, and help empower our students with lifelong math and literacy skills that will set them up for success in all aspects of their lives.


Join us in making a difference today.

Apply Today!

Meet the Requirements

You must meet the age requirement, pass a background check, and commit to at least 2-4 sessions per week or monthly.

Register Online

Complete the sign-up process and orientation. Learn more about our Creative Curricula program, and how to be a successful teaching artist.

Make a Difference

Follow a highly effective, structured, easy-to-use curriculum, helping students build confidence and make impressive gains.

At 76.1%, Alabama is the eighth state with the lowest literacy rate, and Florida is the ninth on the list of states with the lowest literacy rates, with 76.3%.

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