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Founded in 2017 and reorganized in 2021 as a 501c (3), Poze Bazaar Foundation is an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of the creative arts, culture, and education. We are proud to be a leader in supporting the growing community of creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, and designers that are a part of the cultural renaissance in Birmingham, Alabama.

Poze Bazaar Foundation provides scholarships to disadvantaged youth in underserved and underprivileged areas and grants to underfunded nonprofits to support their efforts throughout Birmingham and surrounding communities. We actively seeking solutions to expand access to innovative arts programming and financial resources. Our community of thinkers, leaders, and doers are dedicated to fostering a culture of drive and determination to develop the next generation of artists, enabling students to tap into cutting-edge artistic genres and disciplines while providing avenues for cathartic release and self-expression.



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