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Scholarships are not just for the academically gifted or the financially disadvantaged. They are for anyone with a burning passion, a drive to succeed, and a hunger for knowledge. Whether you dream of becoming a doctor, an engineer, an artist, or a social activist, there is a scholarship out there waiting for you. This is your chance to turn your aspirations into reality!

We are thrilled to announce that applications are now open for high school seniors in their final year and college freshmen. We strongly encourage aspiring artists from all backgrounds to seize this opportunity and showcase their talents.

Take a moment to celebrate the recent recipients of our scholarships, who have demonstrated exceptional promise and dedication to their craft.

Applications are closed.
Image by Suad Kamardeen

Scholarship Recipients


August Ragland

Helena High School

c/o 2023



Alabama A&M University


Maya Kirkpatrick

Gardendale High School

c/o 2023


Attending the

University of Alabama 

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