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Media + Press Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Poze Bazaar Fashion Benefit! 

We welcome all official media outlets and blogs to apply for a Poze Bazaar Fashion Benefit Media Pass. Please read through the application carefully and note all essential items.


By applying for a Poze Bazaar Fashion Benefit Media Pass, you agree to and understand the following criteria:


  • An official representative of the news/media outlet listed in your application.

  • Photos or videos taken during Poze Bazaar Fashion Benefit are authorized for publication only in the media outlet listed on this application. Poze Bazaar Foundation must be credited and tagged if shared on social media. Poze Bazaar Fashion Benefit must be credited beside ALL images.

Press and Media registration is open to any member of the broadcast, print and Internet media who can prove they work for an organization or publication that covers fashion/retail/manufacturing/news or entertainment on a regular basis. We welcome anyone to apply for press credentials but reserve the right to deny you a pass. As such, please provide us copies of your articles either at your publication's Web site or on the publication's masthead.

Freelance writers and photographers must submit a letter from the news organization they are representing on that company's letterhead and signed by the editor or have the editor email us from the organization’s email system.


**All passes may be revoked at any time. We hold all photographers and media guests to be professional, considerate, and all persons involved in PBF.


For questions, email

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